After a long day out, you need to take leave to refresh yourself as you prepare to face the next day. However, the way you handle this important refreshment called sleep will determine how you will wake up to face the day ahead of you. However, the tools you use to facilitate your sleeping will determine the quality of sleep you will enjoy. Pillows are some of the sleeping accessories that play a significant role in how you enjoy your sleep.

Our big question is, “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” Is it necessary to use a pillow to enjoy a restful night? If the answer is “Yes” then what are the consequences of sleeping without a pillow? If you want to find factual answers to these pertinent questions, we ask you to read our post up carefully since it has all the answers. In this post, we shall examine the benefits you lose when you spend your night without a good pillow. Keep on reading.

You Wake Up Tired 

Wake Up Tired

It is not rocket science to tell you that when you sleep on a good quality pillow and in the right posture, you will wake up more refreshed and revitalized. When you use a good pillow, it provides you with the much-needed support so that your body does not need to compensate for it by engaging your neck or back muscles. When your body engages these muscles this way, you suffer even more strain at that critical time when your body is supposed to recover from the stress you encountered during your busy day. Why does it happen this way? The reason is that your body tendons and muscles overwork themselves leading to accumulated strain and body pains. So, what happens when these pains persist without remedy? The pain becomes chronic.

With these pains becoming chronic, you end up suffering sleepless nights, waking up during your sleep, and needing to keep changing your sleeping position every time. With pain having lodged itself in your body in this manner, you may end up in the doctor’s office seeking help. Sleeping without a good pillow means that you will be waking up more tired than you went to bed, and hence, defeating the very reason why you had to sleep. This means that you will lack the necessary energy and psyche to face the day as you ought to. With all these dire consequences clear before your very eyes, is it bad to sleep without a pillow? Your guess is as good as mine.

You Lose Alignment

Let us look at it this way. When you lie on your body sides, your whole body weight (in the upper torso) is pushed to your hips. When this pushing occurs, you begin feeling discomfort and pains. Additionally, this position makes your legs slide forward, leading to twisting that puts pressure on your back. However, the story changes when you use a body pillow in between your knees. Why does this whole difference come in? The answer is simple: your body no longer needs to keep twisting to distribute your body weight evenly, and thus, it leads to better back health. So, is it bad to sleep without a pillow? The answer remains “Yes it is,” because you will miss all these priceless benefits.

You Aggravate Your Pressure Point

If your mattress is too firm or hard, you risk aggravating your body’s pressure points. Why? Because your sensitive body parts like hips respond to such firmness through pain and discomfort due to reduced necessary support. The reason behind this painful response is that our bodies respond when they shift our sleeping positions making us end up twisted in an arrow position or sleeping on the belly. This position makes your spinal cord align itself improperly and excessive pressure being exerted on your arms. But by using a pillow, especially a body pillow, the whole equation changes, thus underscoring the need to use pillows.

You Suffer Increased Turning and Tossing

If you are still asking, “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” you have another answer in this subsection of our post. The primary reason for retiring to bed is resting and refreshing yourself for the day ahead, not so? If that is the reason, then why should your sleep become another forced workout session that turns your bed into a house gym? Well, it might seem funny but that is what many of us end up doing during their sleep. However, you can turn your bed into what you intended it to be—a resting place where you do not need to engage in Kung Fu or Karate.

When you incorporate a good pillow, and in particular a body one, you don’t need to keep moving and tossing your body looking for a comfortable body sleeping position to carry you through the night. Why? Because you have a quality and supporting accessory to rely on. Moreover, by holding onto something soft and supportive during the night, you orient your mind to think in terms of comfort and support. This way, your mind and body will always approach every evening with a nostalgic feeling of what you had last night before being interrupted by sunrise. Indeed, you will have every reason to look forward to sleep. But when you remove the pillow from your equation, you can only suffer the opposite and sentence yourself to bed times that are punctuated by tossing and turning.

Poor Baby Support

If you thought that ignoring a good pillow, especially as a expectant mother, will affect you alone, then be ready for a shocker. The reason is that using a pregnancy pillow will benefit both you and your baby. After your delivery, you can use the same pillows to support your newborn baby. They can help you during baby feeding times. Additionally, the pillows are idea for creating a barrier that keeps your baby from rolling over the bed.

Poor Blood Circulation

If you thought that ignoring a good pillow during pregnancy would only lead to body pains, you missed the whole point. The reason is that by excluding this critical accessory from your sleeping routine will affect your blood circulation. So, is it bad to sleep without a pillow during pregnancy? The answer is a big resounding “Yes” because doctors recommend pregnant women to sleep on their sides when their babies start growing. With a good pregnancy pillow, you enjoy improved blood circulation, which is necessary for your overall health and existence because blood is the life of your body. It is no wonder when you lose blood, you die, and this means that you will lose better functionality in all the body parts that suffer from poor blood circulation.

Increased Risk of Heartburn and Low Water Retention Levels

Who likes suffering heartburn and low water retention levels when they are carrying that much-awaited bundle of life and joy? Of course, nobody likes that. However, it is still possible to suffer all these during your pregnancy if you ignore a good pregnancy pillow. The reason is that when you use a good pregnancy pillow, you enjoy high water retention levels and decreased chances of developing heartburn. It is that simple.

Increased Risk of Snoring

Snoring man

Finishing on a pregnant note, failing to use a good pregnancy pillow increases your risk of snoring. The explanation behind this condition is simple. When you sleep without a pillow, you end up falling on your back and consequently, sleeping in the wrong position. This behavior means that you will disturb your spouse’s sleep.

Closing Remarks

Sleep is a critical form of rest in your life. It is so important that you can die from lack of sleep faster than you can by missing food and water. This startling fact is the worst form of answer you can ever give to the question “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” Besides potential death, sleeping without a pillow has many other negative effects that can affect your health and that of your child for those who are expectant. For instance, a pillowless sleep will expose you to the risk of snoring where you become a nuisance to your spouse or even neighbors if you live on a flat.

Additionally, sleeping without a pillow exposes you to tired mornings where you wake up more tired than you went to bed. Lastly, you lose proper and balanced body alignment when you spend your nights without a good pillow. Therefore, the ball is now in your court to do the right thing since you know what you are bound to suffer by excluding pillows from your sleeping routines. You are now the jury to make the right decision that will help you to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a good pillow.

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