Taking time to clean your pillow pet removes stains and other forms of dirt, making it enjoyable to utilize it. Most of these pillows can be cleaned in the washer while other types will require you to wash them gently using wet pieces of cloth. Irrespective of how you wash them—using your hands or machine—it is advisable to air-dry them to avoid damage to their fur by the dryer.

In this post, we shall learn how to wash pillow pets. Therefore, I urge you to remain put as we take this systematic journey through the cleaning process.

Washing the Pillow Pet in the Washing Machine

Here are steps how to wash a pillow pet using a machine.

  • Putting your pillow pet in the washer

To wash your pillow pet properly, you have to place it in a pillowcase and then tie its ends. You need to do this to protect its stuffed fibers from being beaten by the washer. This way, you will spare it unnecessary wear and tear, and hence, prolong its life.

  • Use the correct detergent

During the washing process, you ought to use detergents that are low in suds. The reason is that harsh detergents can stress the pillow and prolong the time it needs to dry and leave it sticky thereafter.

  • Placing the pillow pet in the washer

Insert the pillow in the washer and start turning it gently or else you may end up beating the pillow against the machine and risk damaging it. Therefore, you have to select a gentle setting on the washer to protect the pillow while the washing goes on.

  • Setting the water temperature

When setting the water temperature, make sure that it is cold since if you choose a hot setting, you may end up damaging its color and texture. You can select this setting manually if the type of washer you are using does not have automatic settings.

  • Hand Cleaning Pillow Pets

Not all pillow pets can be washed in the washer. When dealing with such pets, here is how to go about it. The decision to use hands or machine depends on the kind of pet at hand or your personal preference. For example, sweet-scented pets will maintain their sweet scent if you hand wash them. Additionally, hand washing your pet is necessary when you need to clean only specific areas of the pillow.


  • Mixing water and detergent 

You will be required to mix water and a mild laundry detergent in a basin. If you use a harsh detergent, you may end up damaging it due to the presence of suds. Additionally, it is necessary to check the mixing instructions to establish the right amount you need to mix with the water so that you do not oversaturate it. When cleaning a sweet-scented pet, use a scentless detergent. If the pet is stinking, add 90 grams of baking soda to your water mixture.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to use a damp rag to wash the surface of the pet. You will need to dip the cloth in the washing solution you had mixed and wring it to remove excess water. Using the wet rag, you will continue rubbing the pillow’s fur in a circular manner until you remove all the dirt from it.

If the pillow per has excessive water, you will need to press it out since if you leave it that way, it will require more time to dry and expose it to mildews.

  • Drying Your Pillow Pet

To preserve the life of your pillow pet, you need to dry it naturally. The reason why you should avoid the dryer is that you will expose it to excess heat and end up damaging its fur. In some cases, the heat of the dryer can even melt it. This instruction applies to both machine and handwashing processes.

To facilitate proper drying, you will need to locate a conducive place where you can lay and dry your pillow. You can either dry it indoors or outdoors. Should you opt to dry it indoors, then you ought to get a place that is close to a window so that it can get enough sunlight. If you opt to dry it outside, then do so on a windless day so that the wind does not blow it off.

  • Hanging pillow pets

For the pillow to dry well, it will be needful to hang it to allow for an even drying process. If you need it to dry indoors, you will have to erect a laundry rack and hang it using ordinary clothes hangers. When you opt to dry it outside, it is necessary to do so on a clothesline. To achieve maximum drying, you will have to give the pet enough time to dry. However, the speed at which the pet dries will depend on factors such as its size, the level of exposure, and temperature.

pet with pillow

  • Cleaning Electronic Pillow Pets

I decide to put these pets in their own category since you cannot wash them in the washing machine or submerge them in water. If you want to clean an electronic pillow pet, you will have to follow this procedure.

  1. You will start the process, it will be mandatory to vacuum the pillow pet to remove all soil particles that the pet may have
  2. Next, you will have to fill a bucket with an ordinary laundry detergent water or an upholstery cleaner
  3. You will need to stir up the washing mixture you prefer to use until you get enough suds at the top of the solution
  4. You will need to use a folded towel with a limited quantity of foam so that you do not submerge it. Instead, you will need to wipe off the pillow using a dry towel so that the detergent and stain does not sink further into the pillow
  5. Next, moistening another piece of cloth using clean water and repeating the process is necessary. This will help in the removal of the soap you initially used to clean the pillow
  6. Afterwards, you have to dry the pet with a clean and dry towel
  7. After this, you should put the pillow pet in a place from where it can dry well
  8. After drying the pet, running a soft brush over it for the sake of fluffing it up again is necessary

Dry Washing Pillow Pets

In this section of our guide, we shall show you how to dry clean any type of pillow pet irrespective of whether it is electronic or otherwise. This is how to go about it.

  1. Place the pillow in a plastic garbage bag, and then add 1-3 cups of cornstarch. If the pet is larger, then you will need extra powder
  2. Shaking the bag for the sake of covering the pillow with the powder is necessary
  3. Let it stay the whole night to permit the cornstarch or its  equivalent enough time to sink into the dirt
  4. Lastly, it is necessary to remove the cornstarch or baking soda and then first brush and beat out all of it before you vacuum it at the end of the process. If you do not do this, too much of these chemicals can jam the vacuum cleaner.

Tips on How to Do it Better

Here are tips on how to clean your pillow pet.

  1. Besides regular cleaning, repeated vacuuming of pillow pets keeps it clean for long
  2. Pretreat all spots with stain sticks or your normal pre-treating methods
  3. Check your toy for any split seam and damage that could escalate when cleaning it in the washer
  4. Clean in your washer with cold water on the gentle mode. You will need to do this with other clothes as a way of balancing the load

Closing Remarks

Washing your pillow pet is one of the most important maintenance routines that will help you to enjoy it and prolong its lifespan. However, your willingness to master how to wash a pillow pet is critical in determining the amount of success you will have in the cleaning process. That is why I compiled this cleaning guide to give you all the information you need to conduct this process. I hope your continued application of the insights shared in this guide will help you to improve your future cleaning processes.

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