What is room temperature?

Room temperature can be defined as a range of temperatures that are comfortable enough for human habitation. These temperatures have to be in a range where you don’t feel either uncomfortably cold or hot. The same way comfortable heat conditions are necessary for healthy body function during the day, night time requires the best room temperature for sleep as you rest.

Temperature range depends on a number of different factors which include the weather conditions, your temperature preference, and the seasons of the year such as summer and winter.

Why room temperature affects your sleep?

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The most common temperature range for comfortable sleep is 20oc to 250c. Nobody wants their sleep to be interrupted because of unfavorable temperatures, which make it so uncomfortable to sleep well. Generally, you go lower than this range and you will be too cold, go higher and you will be too hot to sleep well.

The absolute perfect temperature when going to sleep is greatly affected by whether you are male or female. Females have a lower resting metabolic rate as compared to males and will thus require more heat from their surrounding in order to maintain a more comfortable temperature when sleeping. This may cause a bit of a problem when you and your partner try to come to a compromise on the right temperature.

Accordingly, because men have a higher rest metabolism compared to women they will emit more body heat during slumber. Men need cooler surroundings for to cool down their bodies for optimal sleep temperature.

Your temperature drops when sleeping because the body requires low heat when at rest, and then steadily rises when your sleep cycle comes to an end, to signal your body to wake up. The optimal temperature range that has been scientifically proven to be ideal for sleep, by the National Sleep Foundation is between 650and 690. This temperature will actually help your body to perform its normal functions while in slumber.

How to get the right bedtime room temperature?

In the summer, ensure that you keep your air conditioning in the range of your absolute temperature. This will help you save a lot when it comes to your energy bills. The reason for this is that most temperature regulator machines use more electricity when the compressor ignites, as compared to when the compressor is running.

Lowering your room temperature during winter will save you a lot of money when it comes to your electricity bills. You should make sure that even though you reduce the temperature it is not so cold that you have to go to bed in a jacket. You should lower the temperature of your home only at night so as to cooperate with your body’s normal functions.

For every degree you lose, you reduce about 1% of your total monthly spend on electricity. This brings about the necessity of seeking out alternative forms of heating such as wearing warm clothes to bed and also covering yourself when you get to bed using a comforter or blanket.

The ideal temperature conditions for a good night’s sleep should ensure you are warm during the night when your body temperature is low and cool as the morning advances and your body is on the verge of waking up.

If your room temperature is too high while you sleep, it will have the effect of making you toss and turn throughout the night because you are uncomfortable. This will make you lose sleep and lead to the occurrence of insomnia, and will negatively affect your productivity the next day.

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It is recommended that you get a climate controller for your home that will really help you in regulating the temperature in your home. There are different A/C systems for your home. There are those that control the temperature for the whole house and then there are those that regulate the temperature in only one room of the whole house.

You do not only sleep in your bedroom and thus you have to ensure that the temperature in your whole house is properly regulated to give you’re the best temperature for you.

You would not like to have the best temperature for sleep in your bedroom only to take a trip to the bathroom and find that it is so cold that you wake up. You also find yourself falling asleep on the couch in the sitting room or in the den and thus you wouldn’t want to find yourself shivering or sweating throughout the time that you are sleeping.

You should ensure that you get a comfortable enough temperature but please do not do it at the expense of digging too much into your finances. There are a number of radiators you can install in your house that will warm or cool your house accordingly without using too much power and thus prevent you from overspending on your electricity bills.

Ensure that you keep your heating to the barest minimum possible, so as to save on power without having to freeze in your sleep during the night. Keep the temperature at no more than 200 during the night so as to enjoy the best sleep and cheapest sleep at that. The temperature can be set to a minimum of 150 to ensure that you do not freeze during the night.


In conclusion, the recommended best temperature for you to enjoy a cozy day or night in your home is actually room temperature. As said earlier this tends to vary, thanks to a number of different reasons but it is still essential in ensuring that you sleep soundly through the night.

It is also important to ensure that you utilize your home A/C system to give you the best room temperature for sleep. Your body needs to rest, rejuvenate, and repair every night, which is why getting sufficient sleep is important and should be as relaxing as possible. Now you know why having the right temperature in your bedroom is important for sleep.

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