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Getting the right pillow for your bed is really important for sufficient and comfortable sleep. At times it may prove quite difficult to breathe and find the suitable temperature through the night, resulting in constant pillow flipping. Regardless of your sleeping position; back, side or stomach, the essence of bamboo pillow will best suit you.

The bamboo pillow helps to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, snoring etc. and is recommended for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma and other lung diseases.

The advantages of bamboo pillow

  • Suits varying sleep poses and are perfect for back sleepers, side-sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
  • It is the pillow for those with trouble sleeping especially with those who are middle aged or those who are in menopause.
  • Bamboo pillow maintains a cool temperature due to the outer cover that encourages air flow which helps to avoid the need to constantly flip your pillow throughout the night.
  • It is fluffy and light and provides a comfortable feel when used.
  • Good for people with those suffering from allergies; it is a naturally hypoallergenic down alternative fiber pillow.
  • It is found in your preferred size and shape as well as softness and comfort levels. You can, therefore, choose a pillow that aligns with your needs.
  • The advance bamboo cover helps you to stay cool all night; it supports easier breathing, cooler temperatures, and lack of toxins.
  • Lack of toxins due to natural bamboo growth and harvesting methods.
  • The pillow is resistant to bacteria, dust mites, and can help with breathing problems and snoring. The bamboo within the pillow is a resistant unlike other pillow material.
  • It enables adequate and comfortable sleep so that you are left refreshed when you wake up because of its natural heat dispersal abilities.

The characteristics of a good pillow

  • A good pillow should fit your sleeping position; a good pillow should correspond with its volume and density to your sleeping position.
  • It should be durable; no one wants to buy a pillow every year. It should not lose its shape and firmness within a year of use. A good pillow should last two years.
  • Hygienic; a good pillow should provide proper ventilation and resist moisture retention to prevent infestation from bacteria, molds, and bed bugs or mites. Additionally, it should also be safe and hypoallergenic.

Other types of organic pillows

Organic Kapok Pillows: They have kapok that is certified as organic.

Organic Wool Pillow: It helps with temperature stability and is suitable for those who feel hot while sleeping.

Organic Body Pillow: At times one can feel like they lack something while sleeping on organic beds. The body pillow fills the gap by aligning the spine and encouraging quality sleep that is natural and comfortable.

Finding a suitable pillow provider with high quality goods

high quality suitable pillow

The best pillow should not have material that is toxic or harmful to the environment. The processes of making the pillow and the materials used should be natural and possess the necessary health and environmental certifications. The environment and the users should not have their safety at risk from the materials present in the pillow.

The bamboo pillow has embraced customization to ensure varying needs are well met. The material within the pillow can be altered by unzipping the pillow case and removing the excess until:

  • A suitable amount of stuffing is reached.
  • A suitable height or thickness is met.
  • It conforms to your head shape while remaining soft and comfortable.
  • Head and neck support and comfort are equally provided.

Back and neck pain can be reduced by the use of the bamboo pillow but is not a guarantee for everyone using it as it will depend on things like the causes of the pain and how advanced the problem is.

For side sleepers, body bamboo pillows always come in handy. They are easily customized and they have displayed plenty of health advantages. You can get more information regarding this as well as other variations and their health benefits.

People are different hence not every user’s needs can be met by the same product. Your preferences may differ from another’s. There are widely spread misconceptions regarding bamboo pillows especially as relates to beneficial qualities, most of which are marketing gimmicks which are not entirely true.

The bamboo pillow is eco-friendly and green as long as the right bamboo filling has been used. Get a review of the pillow at this video.


The essence of bamboo pillow has the health and comfort benefits required for sufficient sleep. It is great for containing allergies by keeping allergens at bay and helps those with sleeping problems sleep a lot better. If you are looking for a pillow to improve your health, this is it.

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