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This is the Best Memory Foam Mattress That You Can Try!

Your choice of mattress will determine how restful your sleep will be. If you want to avoid the aches and pains that are often associated with different sleeping positions, you would need a flexible and responsive mattress.

Among all the types of mattresses in the market, it is memory foam that is considered to be the best type when it comes to the ability to contour to the shape of the body. But apart from that, memory foam offers a few more features that the user can enjoy.

Why You Need a Memory Foam Mattress

a Memory Foam Mattress

a Memory Foam Mattress

There are many other reasons why people should invest in a memory foam mattress. One of these is the mattress’ ability to relieve pressure in the different parts of the body. The cushion relieves stress on your shoulders, neck, and back because it adjusts to the shape of your body and does not force it to contour into it.

Thanks to its shape-conforming feature, the mattress also supports proper back and spine alignment, allowing it to stay in its neutral position.

But how do you choose the best memory foam mattress? To help you in your search, we have decided to discuss the different things you need to consider during your hunt. We will also present the top 5 memory foam mattress in the market along with their pros and cons below.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Comparison Table

If you do not have the time to read our comprehensive review in detail, we have prepared this short yet informative comparison table to help you make the right decision.

My Top 5 Picks on the Best Memory Foam Mattress in the Market

To know more about the top five memory foam mattresses that you can find in the market, please take a look at the information we have provided below:

1. Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Value for Your Money

Nectar Full Mattress + 2 Free Pillows - Gel Memory Foam - CertiPUR-US Certified - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever Warranty


The mattress features a four-foam layer design that offers excellent pressure relief and shape-conforming abilities.

At the top is the quilted gel memory foam layer which increases circulation and contours correctly to the body.

The second layer is the gel memory foam which distributes your weight evenly, relieving your body parts from pain and pressure.

The third is the adaptive high core memory foam that supports your body and boosts the mattress’ rebound and bounce features.

At the bottom is the breathing base layer that offers a stable and firm foundation to the mattress and at the same time, reinforces the contour and support layers of your bedding.

The mattress comes with a bedbug-resistant Tencel cooling cover that promotes breathability and wicks away heat.

When combined, all these layers work together to give the sleeper a stable, comfortable, and breathable sleeping platform.

What Makes it a Great Memory Foam Mattress:

This memory foam mattress stands above the rest because it produces no noise and offers a good amount of motion transfer. The cushion is also extremely lightweight and can be quickly moved from one room to another.


Nectar offers one if the longest the longest sleep trial in the market—365 days. The 180-day trial is provided for online purchases. It also comes with a low-cost lifetime warranty.


We can say that this memory foam mattress has all the bells and whistles you would want in your memory foam mattress, and because of that, you can expect this mattress to be a bit on the high-end side. But of course, it is worth it!


“I love how Nectar designed this mattress with the comfort of the users in mind. I liked how they took into consideration all the must-have characteristics of a memory foam mattress and incorporated it into this product through the use of different foam layers.”


  • Motion isolation features
  • High-density foam at an affordable price
  • CertiPUR-US and OEKO-Tex certified
  • Great for all sleeping positions
  • Long trial period and warranty


  • There’s a bit off-gassing
  • Weak edge support

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2. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress- Best Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Bed in a Box, Quilted Cover, Made in The USA, 20-Year Warranty - Queen Size


This traditional memory foam mattress features a DuoComfort design that features a SureTemp memory foam layer at the top. The second layer is a premium support foam bottom.

The entire mattress is covered with a deluxe quilted cover that gives it a luxurious and stylish feel.

What Makes it a Great Memory Foam Mattress:

This memory foam mattress has a thickness of 12 inches which is thick enough to accommodate different sleeping positions and average to bigger body types. It is also said to offer medium firmness which provides the user a balance between softness and firmness.


Sadly, the company does not offer a trial period to their users. However, they do provide a 20-year warranty which is longer than most warranties offered by other companies.


To be honest, I find this mattress to be a bit pricey considering that it is made only of traditional memory foam material.

Verdict: If you love to go back to the basics and is not privy to feeling hot at night, you may want to give this mattress a try. It delivers that familiar touch and feel that we have all learned to love from the traditional memory foam mattress.


  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • The quilted cover gives the mattress an elegant look
  • Offers lightly cradling comfort
  • DuoComfort design


  • No trial period
  • Some users find it to be a bit firm
  • High heat retention

Learn more on Amazon

3. Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress- Hypoallergenic and Highly Ventilated

LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress - Ventilated Gel Memory Foam + Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam - CertiPUR-US Certified - 10-Year U.S. Warranty


Here’s another mattress with a dual memory foam design. The top layer is a ventilated and responsive gel memory foam which compresses under your body weight. It is also designed to conform to the curves of your body and alleviate your pressure points.

The bottom layer is a high-density support foam that offers plenty of back support and ensures the durability of the mattress.

These two layers of foam are covered with a 1-inch bamboo charcoal foam layer which is quilted into a soft Tencel blend cover. The cover of the mattress is considered to be hypoallergenic.

Know more about the construction of the mattress by watching this video:

What Makes it a Great Memory Foam Mattress:

As mentioned, the mattress topper and cover are made of Tencel cover (which is highly breathable) and a bamboo gel foam layer which does not just boost the breathability of the mattress but also, give you protection from allergens and dust mites.


The warranty of this mattress is not as long as most of the mattress in this list, but the duration is already pretty good. The company offers a 30-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty to their buyers.


Considering that the mattress is made up of gel memory foam infused with the bamboo charcoal blend to make it hypoallergenic, I can say that this mattress is undoubtedly worth the price.


My sister has struggled with back pains and allergic rhinitis for almost all of her life. I gifted her this on her last birthday. She called me after a few weeks and told me that she had not experienced any allergies and back aches after using her new mattress.


  • Hypoallergenic topper
  • Ventilated design for breathability
  • Shipped compressed
  • High-density memory foam mattress
  • Available in all sizes


  • Certain areas get sunken after a few months
  • Some find this mattress to be a bit firm

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4. Best Price Memory Foam Mattress – Value for Your Money

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, Full


This mattress features a 3-layer design. The top layer is a 2-inch body conforming memory foam followed by a 2-inch super soft memory foam that features a pressure relief system which ensures that you won’t be waking up with aches and pains all over your body.

Last but not least, the bottom layer is a 4-inch high-density foam that acts as a stable and durable platform and provides support to the entire mattress and the sleeper.

The mattress comes with a Poly-Jacquard cover.

What Makes it a Great Memory Foam Mattress:

The main reason why I included this is on this list is its pressure relief system. This system is designed to eliminate all pressure points in your body to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.


The company offers a 10-year warranty which is the average duration of the warranties provided by mattress companies. However, the purchase of this product does not come with a night trial period.


This is probably one of the most affordable mattresses you can find in the market these days.


If you are looking for a no-frills and straightforward memory foam mattress, this is definitely it! Let us also not forget about the fact that it is incredibly affordable, so this is a good choice if you are on a budget too.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Pressure relief system
  • Affordable
  • Three-layer design
  • Comes with a cool foam


  • Some users claim that the mattress is filled with fiberglass
  • Some argue that the memory foam mattress cause itchiness

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5. Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress– Best High-end Mattresses

Casper Sleep Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, Queen


The Casper Memory Foam Mattress features three layers of foam.

The first layer a light top layer of foam that boosts the comfort factor of the mattress.

The second layer is a high-density memory foam that provides equal parts of comfort and support. This is also the part that is responsible for the mattress’ shape conforming abilities.

Last but not least is the bottom support foam layer that gives structure to the entire mattress.

The cherry on top of the mattress is the paneled cover that is constructed with a blend of fabrics, with rayon and polyester and the main fabrics.

What Makes it a Great Memory Foam Mattress:

This is the only mattress in the list that has zoned support. This feature means that it offers more support in the places that you need it the most—under your hips.

To know more about this mattress, please watch this video:


You can try out the performance of this product for up to 100 days while the product is covered by a guarantee that you can enjoy for 10 years.


The truth is, this is one of the most expensive mattresses available today. But with its construction and exquisite design, this is still worth the investment.


I like the zoned support technology of this mattress. It is like having a cushion with dual firmness option, but instead of having different firmness options in each side, you can be able to experience various firmness levels on different parts of your body.


  • Zoned support system
  • Motion isolation features
  • Produces no noise at all
  • Fair edge support
  • Great for all types of sleepers


  • Moderate off-gassing
  • A bit on the expensive side

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All the Important Details in Choosing the Best Memory Foam Mattress

With all the types, shapes, sizes and brands of memory foam mattress out there, it can be challenging to choose the right one. But don’t you worry! This buying guide will help you find the one!

Different Types of Memory Foam

Let us start by familiarizing ourselves with the different types of memory foam available today. These are as follows:

  • Traditional

This is the most common and affordable variation of memory foam. This gives off that classic hug and contour that we have learned to love about memory foam.

However, it comes with one issue–  it tends to retain body heat and may cause the user to feel warm in the middle of the night. The other types of memory foam were created to resolve this problem.

  • Open Cell

This type of memory foam features small air pockets that boost the mattress’ breathability. It gives off the familiar feel of traditional memory foam, but at the same time, it offers a cooler sleeping experience. It is also considered to be more responsive.

  • Gel

The next memory foam variation that we have is gel memory foam. It is called as such because this type of memory foam is infused with gel to help diffuse body heat and allow you to sleep cooler.

However, the gel used contains microbeads which can increase the density of the mattress and at the same time, cause it to degrade faster than usual. It is also a lot more expensive.

  • Plant-based or Eco Foam

This is the environmental-friendly version of memory foam. This is because the plant-based memory foam uses Aloe Vera, soy, bamboo or tea instead of petroleum-based substances. These materials are better at distributing heat, relieving pain, and isolating motions.

Since these are natural materials, you do not have to worry about off-gassing or any unwanted odors. These will also not cause skin irritation or allergies. However, they are sold at an extremely high price.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind to find the right mattress for you. Here they are:

  • Firmness

The level of firmness that a mattress can give will determine how comfortable you will feel while you sleep. Many people think that the only way they can evaluate the firmness level of the bed is by testing and touching the mattress.

The truth is, you can have an idea of the firmness of a mattress even when shopping online. You can do this by taking a look at the mattress’ indentation load deflection. As a rule of thumb: the higher ILD is, the firmer the product is.

If you want a soft and comfortable mattress, you can go for an ILD of 12 to 16. On the other hand, people looking for a supportive mattress would need an ILD higher than that.

  • Life Span

Part of the reason why people love to use memory foam is its long life span so that is one of the most significant considerations that you should have. But as we all know, the durability of a product can be a bit difficult to determine.

One good indicator of the mattress’ durability is its density rating. Here are some of the things you need to know about it:

–    3.5 lbs./ft³ or below

Mattress with density as low as this is considered to be of low quality and can only be able to last for around five years. If you do not have the money to buy mattresses with higher density ratings, it would be best for you to buy a memory foam mattress topper so you can prolong the life of your mattress.

–    4 lbs./ft³ or more

This density rating can indicate that the mattress can last for 8 to 12 years. But if you are a bit on the heavy side, you would need a mattress with a density rating of at least 5 lbs./ft³.

–    6 lbs./ft³ or higher

This is the highest density rating that you can find in the market. It can accommodate the weight of a heavy person for about 20 years. But of course, you can expect this to be a lot pricier.

  • Manufacturer

One of the biggest aspects that can affect the quality of a mattress is where it is made. This is because different countries set various quality control standards.

With that in mind, the countries that uphold the highest standards of quality are the United States, Europe, and Canada. If you are buying a mattress, make sure that the manufacturer of the product is based on any of these countries.

  • Testing Certifications

There are a lot of testing organizations that have the goal of ensuring the quality of mattresses. Their stamps of approval indicate that the mattress is of high quality and that is why you should look for mattress certifications.

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, you should go for the ones that are Certipur-US certified. This seal of approval indicates that the mattress is free of phthalates, formaldehyde, mercury, PBDE flame retardants, and contains only small amounts of volatile organic compounds.

  • Density

The density rating of the mattress is not just about its life span. It can indicate the mattress’ firmness as well.

In general low-density mattresses (4 lbs and below) are a lot softer and less supportive. Because of this, it is not suitable for heavy sleepers.

On the other hand, mattresses with medium density rating (4-5 lbs) provide a good balance between firmness and softness. It is also not that expensive, so it suits the budget of most individuals.

Last but not the least, the high-density mattresses (6 lbs and more) are also called orthopedic mattresses because they are thick enough to relieve aches and pains of people who are suffering from certain medical conditions or injuries.

  • Responsiveness

This refers to how quickly the foam returns to its original shape after pressure is removed. More responsive mattresses make it easier for the users to change sleeping positions or get out of bed.

The different types of memory foam have varying levels of responsiveness.

Traditional memory foam softens and conform when exposed to heat and may respond more slowly. On the other hand, plant-based and gel-infused memory foams are less sensitive to temperature and can, therefore, respond faster.

  • Heat Retention

Plant-based memory foams have the least tendency to retain heat. On the other hand, gel-infused memory foams are initially cool but may already feel hot in the morning. Lastly, traditional memory foam has the highest tendency to retain body heat.

  • Cover

Most memory foam mattresses come with a cover. The type of cover should complement the features of your mattress. For memory foam mattresses, you should a mattress cover that is breathable (rayon and cotton), fit your mattress well, and thin (1 inch at most).

Frequently Asked Questions About Memory Foam Mattress

Do you have other questions about memory foam? We bet you do! That is why we have answered a few of the most commonly asked questions about memory foam mattress below!

Why is memory foam expensive?

A lot of people complain about the high price that they have to pay for memory foam. Well, you should know that it is worth the investment because it is one of the most durable and highest quality foam material in the market.

As compared to other mattress fillings, memory foam offers more comfort and is the only one that is responsive and can help relieve pressure and pain in different parts of your body.

The least expensive memory foam mattress can last up to 5 years while the most expensive ones can withstand wear and tear even up to 20 years!

How can you keep memory foam mattress cool?

We all know that the biggest issue of using a traditional memory foam mattress is its tendency to retain body heat. The development and availability of the different variations of memory foam can solve this issue. So the best thing that you can do is to invest in such types of memory foam mattress.

But if you do not have enough money for it, the next best option that you have is to use a mattress topper. You can choose from natural cotton, down alternative or gel foam. The addition of these toppers can add more space between you and your mattress, allowing the air to move freely underneath your body, keeping you cool at night.

How to clean a memory foam mattress?

The best way to clean your mattress is to vacuum it on a regular basis. If it comes with a mattress cover or topper, make sure to remove those before vacuuming the mattress.

If the mattress has stains, you can spot clean the stain using a mixture of water and vinegar, mild detergent and sponge.

On the other hand, the best way to deal with spills is to place baking soda over the wet area to absorb the liquid. Once the excess liquid is removed, you can place it under direct sunlight. If there’s no sunlight, you can use a blow dryer it a not-too-hot setting to dry it.

You can know about this in detail by watching this video:

Final Words

The memory foam mattress options that you have nowadays are wide and varied. This wide array of options can make choosing the best memory foam mattress a lot more difficult.

For this roundup, there is only one clear winner for me, and that is no other than the Nectar Gel Memory Foam. I have chosen this because of its four-layer design and highly breathable cover.

Pillow Blog

Top 3 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers (2019 Reviewed)

Finding the best pillows for side sleepers isn’t always easy. There are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

If you have ever gone to the home goods store searching for a pillow, you know what we mean. Do you pick the firm pillow, the extra soft, the v-shaped pillow or the one that claims to be hypoallergenic?

With all these choices, it’s easy to see how you could leave the store with your head spinning or just grab any old pillow just to be able to get out. However, you will never have to do that again.

By the time you have finished reading this article, you will know why sleeping on the wrong pillow can damage your health as well as what types of pillows there are out there.

We will end with in-depth reviews of the most popular pillows for side sleepers, just in case you are still unsure about which pillow to choose.

the woman side sleepers

Why Is Your Pillow Important?

People spend a third of their lives sleeping. With this in mind, it’s understandable that you would want a comfortable pillow that will give them a good night’s rest.

However, choosing the proper pillow for you is about more than comfort. Using the wrong pillow, even if it is comfortable can cause several health issues that you might not have thought of.


  • Do you have chronic migraines? If so, the cause may be your pillow.
  • A pillow which is too soft will allow your head to rest at an awkward angle. This awkward positioning causes your neck and spine to be misaligned.
  • A pillow that is too firm, on the other hand, leads to a whole other problem. A firm pillow will stretch the muscles at the back of the neck.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your pillow is too soft or too firm. Either way, the symptoms can be the same.
  • Migraines and neck pain are common, and unwelcome, morning companions.


  • Headaches and neck pain are not the only problems using an improper pillow can cause. If you wake up in the morning with itchy, watery eyes, allergies could be to blame.
  • When it comes to pillows, people generally think they are safe. After all, there are standards about what filling can be used.
  • However, if you happen to be an allergy sufferer or an asthmatic, you need to be more careful. Feather or down pillows, for example, can exacerbate your condition, leading to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, wheezing and general annoyance.
  • A dusty down pillow can even cause an asthma attack. That’s not something you need when you’re just trying to get a good night’s sleep and wake up rested.

Ear Pain

  • There is one health problem that is specific to side sleepers. Have you ever awakened in the morning, only to feel like you have talked on the phone for hours?
  • If you have, you know that the pillow you use can lead to pain or aching in the ear.
  • This generally happens with firm pillows. The ear gets pressed into the hard pillow, which offers no give and leads to a world of hurt in the morning.

Shoulder Pain

  • The final health problem we are going to discuss today is shoulder pain. The misalignment of your neck and spine leads to more than just migraines and neck pain. Sometimes, pain originates in the neck and travels into the shoulder.
  • Other times, people wind up sleeping on their shoulder. Doing this can cause it to hurt or become stiff.
  • Doing this for a long period of time can cause chronic shoulder pain. This will lead to a decrease in productivity and your work and personal life will suffer.

Top 3 Pillows For Side Sleepers Reviews

Coop Home Goods Certipur Pillow

Coop Home Goods Certipur Pillow

This delightful pillow might just be a sleep miracle. It is hypoallergenic, guaranteed to keep you cool and adjustable so you can get the proper pillow thickness for side sleepers.

The pillow is filled with shredded Certipur memory foam. This foam is hypoallergenic, mite-resistant and will not grow mold.

Furthermore, it will wick away any heat and moisture, keeping your head nice and cool. The coolness factor is also helped by the pillow’s bamboo polyester blend covering.

Because it is memory foam, it will also conform nicely to cradle your head and neck, giving you the best sleep possible.

Learn more on Amazon

Snugglepedic Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Snugglepedic Luxury Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo is excellent for keeping your head nice and cool. It’s naturally moisture-resistant, so if you sweat a lot at night, this pillow will be perfect.

The pillow is actually filled with a combination of shredded memory foam and bamboo. Feel the comfort of a down pillow, with the firmness and support of memory foam.

Due to its filling, this pillow will keep your spine naturally aligned, preventing stiffness and pain upon waking.

You will also never have to fluff your pillow again. The Snugglepedic pillow will conform to any position you sleep in.

Learn more on Amazon

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers by Cushy Form

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers by Cushy Form

As a side sleeper, you likely know that a knee pillow can be very beneficial. However, not just any old pillow will do.

The wedge-shaped knee pillow from Cushy Form will keep your lower spine aligned, while giving you leg support. The unique, contoured design also prevents the pillow from moving around as you sleep.

As an added benefit, the pillow also helps with aches and pains. Be prepared to kiss arthritis pain, nerve pain and stiffness goodbye.

Learn more on Amazon

Pillow Purchasing: What Do You Need To Know?

There are many types of pillows. Before choosing one for yourself, it’s important to understand what you need in a pillow.

Take into consideration the following factors.

In what position do you sleep most often? Each sleeping position has different support needs. There is a proper way to sleep on each pillow.

What allergies do you have? If you have allergies, that will impact the type of pillow you choose.

Are you worried about dust mites or other pests? If so, you will need a pillow that is dust mite resistant.

Are you one of those people whose pillow has to be constantly cool? If so, there’s a pillow for that too.

Pillow Types

As mentioned above, there are several types of pillows. The one that is right for you will vary according to your needs, but in the next sections, we will go over some of the better options.

V-shaped and U-shaped Pillows

V shaped Pillow
U shaped Pillow

Shaped body pillows are mainly used during pregnancy. However, you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy the support these pillows can provide.

Both V and U-shaped pillows fit around the back of the neck, providing excellent support. They are also excellent for side sleeping, as they were originally designed for pregnant women who can’t sleep on their backs or stomachs.

V and U-shaped pillows are also great for neck pain, as they remove a lot of the strain and stress.

Latex and Memory-foam Pillows

Latex Pillow
memory foam pillow

Latex and shredded memory foam pillows are excellent replacements for those made of down or poly fill. Down and poly fill pillows can cause allergies, but that is not all.

They are also home to bacteria, dust mites and fungi. All of these things can make breathing problems worse.

Furthermore, if you have leukemia or have had a bone marrow transplant, some of the fungus could kill you. Even if you don’t have a weakened immune system, these pillows are great anti-snoring pillows at the very least.

Side Sleeper Pro

Pillow For Side Sleeper

Surprisingly, there is even a pillow that is made specifically for side sleepers, the aptly named side sleeper pro. This pillow is filled with micro air beads and promises a decrease in stiffness, neck issues, and other problems you might face.

The pillow also supports your shoulders. No longer will you have to seek shoulder pain at night relief.

However, if you switch positions often, this pillow is not for you. It is designed for side sleepers, but if you find yourself flipping to your back or stomach, you could wind up in some awkward positions.


Sleep is one of the keys to proper health. If you do not sleep well, you run a risk of developing all sorts of health problems.

The first and biggest key to good sleep is having the proper pillow. Finding that perfect pillow can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.

Now that you have read this article, you have all the information you need to get started on your search.

Who knows? You might have more to gain on your quest than just a better night’s sleep.

After all, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. A good night’s sleep could even prevent wrinkles, making you look more youthful.

You’ll just have to start your journey and find the pillow of your dreams.

Pillow Blog

Essence of bamboo pillow

bamboo pillow

Getting the right pillow for your bed is really important for sufficient and comfortable sleep. At times it may prove quite difficult to breathe and find the suitable temperature through the night, resulting in constant pillow flipping. Regardless of your sleeping position; back, side or stomach, the essence of bamboo pillow will best suit you.

The bamboo pillow helps to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, snoring etc. and is recommended for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma and other lung diseases.

The advantages of bamboo pillow

  • Suits varying sleep poses and are perfect for back sleepers, side-sleepers, and stomach sleepers.
  • It is the pillow for those with trouble sleeping especially with those who are middle aged or those who are in menopause.
  • Bamboo pillow maintains a cool temperature due to the outer cover that encourages air flow which helps to avoid the need to constantly flip your pillow throughout the night.
  • It is fluffy and light and provides a comfortable feel when used.
  • Good for people with those suffering from allergies; it is a naturally hypoallergenic down alternative fiber pillow.
  • It is found in your preferred size and shape as well as softness and comfort levels. You can, therefore, choose a pillow that aligns with your needs.
  • The advance bamboo cover helps you to stay cool all night; it supports easier breathing, cooler temperatures, and lack of toxins.
  • Lack of toxins due to natural bamboo growth and harvesting methods.
  • The pillow is resistant to bacteria, dust mites, and can help with breathing problems and snoring. The bamboo within the pillow is a resistant unlike other pillow material.
  • It enables adequate and comfortable sleep so that you are left refreshed when you wake up because of its natural heat dispersal abilities.

The characteristics of a good pillow

  • A good pillow should fit your sleeping position; a good pillow should correspond with its volume and density to your sleeping position.
  • It should be durable; no one wants to buy a pillow every year. It should not lose its shape and firmness within a year of use. A good pillow should last two years.
  • Hygienic; a good pillow should provide proper ventilation and resist moisture retention to prevent infestation from bacteria, molds, and bed bugs or mites. Additionally, it should also be safe and hypoallergenic.

Other types of organic pillows

Organic Kapok Pillows: They have kapok that is certified as organic.

Organic Wool Pillow: It helps with temperature stability and is suitable for those who feel hot while sleeping.

Organic Body Pillow: At times one can feel like they lack something while sleeping on organic beds. The body pillow fills the gap by aligning the spine and encouraging quality sleep that is natural and comfortable.

Finding a suitable pillow provider with high quality goods

high quality suitable pillow

The best pillow should not have material that is toxic or harmful to the environment. The processes of making the pillow and the materials used should be natural and possess the necessary health and environmental certifications. The environment and the users should not have their safety at risk from the materials present in the pillow.

The bamboo pillow has embraced customization to ensure varying needs are well met. The material within the pillow can be altered by unzipping the pillow case and removing the excess until:

  • A suitable amount of stuffing is reached.
  • A suitable height or thickness is met.
  • It conforms to your head shape while remaining soft and comfortable.
  • Head and neck support and comfort are equally provided.

Back and neck pain can be reduced by the use of the bamboo pillow but is not a guarantee for everyone using it as it will depend on things like the causes of the pain and how advanced the problem is.

For side sleepers, body bamboo pillows always come in handy. They are easily customized and they have displayed plenty of health advantages. You can get more information regarding this as well as other variations and their health benefits.

People are different hence not every user’s needs can be met by the same product. Your preferences may differ from another’s. There are widely spread misconceptions regarding bamboo pillows especially as relates to beneficial qualities, most of which are marketing gimmicks which are not entirely true.

The bamboo pillow is eco-friendly and green as long as the right bamboo filling has been used. Get a review of the pillow at this video.


The essence of bamboo pillow has the health and comfort benefits required for sufficient sleep. It is great for containing allergies by keeping allergens at bay and helps those with sleeping problems sleep a lot better. If you are looking for a pillow to improve your health, this is it.

Pillow Blog

Why you should not sleep on your stomach?

After a long day, you look forward to rest and rejuvenation through a good night’s sleep, and once in slumber land you either sleep on your back, side or stomach. However, research, it is now clear that sleeping on your stomach is bad for your health and in this article we shall look into why you should not sleep on your stomach.

Do you know that your sleep posture has a bearing to your health?

Sleep Postur

I recently learnt that one’s sleeping posture is a contributor to good or poor health and the stomach sleeper has it the worst because it is the most problematic. It got me to thinking that it could be the reason why sometimes I wake up not feeling well rested. Indeed, studies have proved that sleeping on the stomach is damaging to health.

3 reasons why you should not sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is bad for your back and neck which inevitably leads to poor sleep and the feeling of discomfort, like I have felt at times.

Here are the three main problems why sleeping on the stomach is not good for you:

i. Neck pain

To breathe well while sleeping on your stomach, you must turn your head to one side which results in your neck being twisted thus misaligning your head and spine which is inevitably damaging. Problems like a herniated disk in the neck are common problems as a result of this sleeping posture.

ii. Strain on the spine

The spine suffers the most in those who sleep on their stomach because most report experiencing pain in their back, neck and joints. The pain leads to discomfort and affects how much sleep you get during the night leading to insufficient sleep.

Sleeping on your stomach is bad for to your back because of the strain and pressure placed on your spine. Your mid-section hold most of the weight in your body and by sleeping on your stomach, gravity pulls most of this weight downwards thus pulling in the spine and making it difficult to keep a neutral position of the spine as you sleep.

This strain on the spine equals an increased stress on the rest of your body structure and pain in most parts of your body because the spine is the pipeline for the nerves in your body.

iii. Bad for expectant women

Sleeping on the stomach is obviously an uncomfortable posture for a pregnant woman in the latter stage of pregnancy. However, do you know it is bad even in early pregnancy?

It must be avoided throughout a pregnancy, both in the early stages and in the late stage. If you already have most of your body weight in your midsection, imagine how much weight you have packed when pregnant, which will be extra strenuous on your back and spine if you slept on your tummy.

This will lead to acute back pain and is bad for the baby in the womb. Your stomach on the mattress means less space for the baby to move around in for normal healthy development and can also affect optimal oxygen flow to the baby as well as the mother.

What if I cannot stop sleeping on my stomach?

stop sleeping on my stomach

Let’s be honest, most of you will not or cannot stop sleeping on the stomach despite all these problems. Here are tips to help you:

  • Use a thin pillow or no pillow- the flatter the pillow the less strain on the neck and head.
  • Get the right mattress for stomach sleepers.
  • Sleep with a pillow under your pelvis to keep your back in safe position.
  • Do stretches in the morning, especially those targeting the back and neck to realign your body.

Can you change your sleeping position?

This is something worth trying, you should think about training your body to sleep in a different healthy position to avid the problems of stomach sleeping. Start sleeping on your back or side to avoid the complications cited above. Changing your sleeping posture is not easy but with practice and persistence, you should be able to sleep on your side or back after a while. Sleeping posture is a creation of habit, because you have slept on your stomach for so long, your mind and muscle memory takes you there every time you get between the sheets to sleep


Now you know why stomach sleeping is bad for you. It will be difficult to change the way you sleep because it is a long habituated in you, but you can do it. If you cannot, you have tips to keep you comfortable and help assuage potential problems. Take the necessary steps by changing your sleeping posture to keep you healthy and allow for a good night’s sleep.

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The Best Room Temperature for Sleep

What is room temperature?

Room temperature can be defined as a range of temperatures that are comfortable enough for human habitation. These temperatures have to be in a range where you don’t feel either uncomfortably cold or hot. The same way comfortable heat conditions are necessary for healthy body function during the day, night time requires the best room temperature for sleep as you rest.

Temperature range depends on a number of different factors which include the weather conditions, your temperature preference, and the seasons of the year such as summer and winter.

Why room temperature affects your sleep?

sleeping in bedroom

The most common temperature range for comfortable sleep is 20oc to 250c. Nobody wants their sleep to be interrupted because of unfavorable temperatures, which make it so uncomfortable to sleep well. Generally, you go lower than this range and you will be too cold, go higher and you will be too hot to sleep well.

The absolute perfect temperature when going to sleep is greatly affected by whether you are male or female. Females have a lower resting metabolic rate as compared to males and will thus require more heat from their surrounding in order to maintain a more comfortable temperature when sleeping. This may cause a bit of a problem when you and your partner try to come to a compromise on the right temperature.

Accordingly, because men have a higher rest metabolism compared to women they will emit more body heat during slumber. Men need cooler surroundings for to cool down their bodies for optimal sleep temperature.

Your temperature drops when sleeping because the body requires low heat when at rest, and then steadily rises when your sleep cycle comes to an end, to signal your body to wake up. The optimal temperature range that has been scientifically proven to be ideal for sleep, by the National Sleep Foundation is between 650and 690. This temperature will actually help your body to perform its normal functions while in slumber.

How to get the right bedtime room temperature?

In the summer, ensure that you keep your air conditioning in the range of your absolute temperature. This will help you save a lot when it comes to your energy bills. The reason for this is that most temperature regulator machines use more electricity when the compressor ignites, as compared to when the compressor is running.

Lowering your room temperature during winter will save you a lot of money when it comes to your electricity bills. You should make sure that even though you reduce the temperature it is not so cold that you have to go to bed in a jacket. You should lower the temperature of your home only at night so as to cooperate with your body’s normal functions.

For every degree you lose, you reduce about 1% of your total monthly spend on electricity. This brings about the necessity of seeking out alternative forms of heating such as wearing warm clothes to bed and also covering yourself when you get to bed using a comforter or blanket.

The ideal temperature conditions for a good night’s sleep should ensure you are warm during the night when your body temperature is low and cool as the morning advances and your body is on the verge of waking up.

If your room temperature is too high while you sleep, it will have the effect of making you toss and turn throughout the night because you are uncomfortable. This will make you lose sleep and lead to the occurrence of insomnia, and will negatively affect your productivity the next day.

Pillow For Side Sleeper

It is recommended that you get a climate controller for your home that will really help you in regulating the temperature in your home. There are different A/C systems for your home. There are those that control the temperature for the whole house and then there are those that regulate the temperature in only one room of the whole house.

You do not only sleep in your bedroom and thus you have to ensure that the temperature in your whole house is properly regulated to give you’re the best temperature for you.

You would not like to have the best temperature for sleep in your bedroom only to take a trip to the bathroom and find that it is so cold that you wake up. You also find yourself falling asleep on the couch in the sitting room or in the den and thus you wouldn’t want to find yourself shivering or sweating throughout the time that you are sleeping.

You should ensure that you get a comfortable enough temperature but please do not do it at the expense of digging too much into your finances. There are a number of radiators you can install in your house that will warm or cool your house accordingly without using too much power and thus prevent you from overspending on your electricity bills.

Ensure that you keep your heating to the barest minimum possible, so as to save on power without having to freeze in your sleep during the night. Keep the temperature at no more than 200 during the night so as to enjoy the best sleep and cheapest sleep at that. The temperature can be set to a minimum of 150 to ensure that you do not freeze during the night.


In conclusion, the recommended best temperature for you to enjoy a cozy day or night in your home is actually room temperature. As said earlier this tends to vary, thanks to a number of different reasons but it is still essential in ensuring that you sleep soundly through the night.

It is also important to ensure that you utilize your home A/C system to give you the best room temperature for sleep. Your body needs to rest, rejuvenate, and repair every night, which is why getting sufficient sleep is important and should be as relaxing as possible. Now you know why having the right temperature in your bedroom is important for sleep.

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What Happens When You Sleep Without a Pillow?

After a long day out, you need to take leave to refresh yourself as you prepare to face the next day. However, the way you handle this important refreshment called sleep will determine how you will wake up to face the day ahead of you. However, the tools you use to facilitate your sleeping will determine the quality of sleep you will enjoy. Pillows are some of the sleeping accessories that play a significant role in how you enjoy your sleep.

Our big question is, “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” Is it necessary to use a pillow to enjoy a restful night? If the answer is “Yes” then what are the consequences of sleeping without a pillow? If you want to find factual answers to these pertinent questions, we ask you to read our post up carefully since it has all the answers. In this post, we shall examine the benefits you lose when you spend your night without a good pillow. Keep on reading.

You Wake Up Tired 

Wake Up Tired

It is not rocket science to tell you that when you sleep on a good quality pillow and in the right posture, you will wake up more refreshed and revitalized. When you use a good pillow, it provides you with the much-needed support so that your body does not need to compensate for it by engaging your neck or back muscles. When your body engages these muscles this way, you suffer even more strain at that critical time when your body is supposed to recover from the stress you encountered during your busy day. Why does it happen this way? The reason is that your body tendons and muscles overwork themselves leading to accumulated strain and body pains. So, what happens when these pains persist without remedy? The pain becomes chronic.

With these pains becoming chronic, you end up suffering sleepless nights, waking up during your sleep, and needing to keep changing your sleeping position every time. With pain having lodged itself in your body in this manner, you may end up in the doctor’s office seeking help. Sleeping without a good pillow means that you will be waking up more tired than you went to bed, and hence, defeating the very reason why you had to sleep. This means that you will lack the necessary energy and psyche to face the day as you ought to. With all these dire consequences clear before your very eyes, is it bad to sleep without a pillow? Your guess is as good as mine.

You Lose Alignment

Let us look at it this way. When you lie on your body sides, your whole body weight (in the upper torso) is pushed to your hips. When this pushing occurs, you begin feeling discomfort and pains. Additionally, this position makes your legs slide forward, leading to twisting that puts pressure on your back. However, the story changes when you use a body pillow in between your knees. Why does this whole difference come in? The answer is simple: your body no longer needs to keep twisting to distribute your body weight evenly, and thus, it leads to better back health. So, is it bad to sleep without a pillow? The answer remains “Yes it is,” because you will miss all these priceless benefits.

You Aggravate Your Pressure Point

If your mattress is too firm or hard, you risk aggravating your body’s pressure points. Why? Because your sensitive body parts like hips respond to such firmness through pain and discomfort due to reduced necessary support. The reason behind this painful response is that our bodies respond when they shift our sleeping positions making us end up twisted in an arrow position or sleeping on the belly. This position makes your spinal cord align itself improperly and excessive pressure being exerted on your arms. But by using a pillow, especially a body pillow, the whole equation changes, thus underscoring the need to use pillows.

You Suffer Increased Turning and Tossing

If you are still asking, “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” you have another answer in this subsection of our post. The primary reason for retiring to bed is resting and refreshing yourself for the day ahead, not so? If that is the reason, then why should your sleep become another forced workout session that turns your bed into a house gym? Well, it might seem funny but that is what many of us end up doing during their sleep. However, you can turn your bed into what you intended it to be—a resting place where you do not need to engage in Kung Fu or Karate.

When you incorporate a good pillow, and in particular a body one, you don’t need to keep moving and tossing your body looking for a comfortable body sleeping position to carry you through the night. Why? Because you have a quality and supporting accessory to rely on. Moreover, by holding onto something soft and supportive during the night, you orient your mind to think in terms of comfort and support. This way, your mind and body will always approach every evening with a nostalgic feeling of what you had last night before being interrupted by sunrise. Indeed, you will have every reason to look forward to sleep. But when you remove the pillow from your equation, you can only suffer the opposite and sentence yourself to bed times that are punctuated by tossing and turning.

Poor Baby Support

If you thought that ignoring a good pillow, especially as a expectant mother, will affect you alone, then be ready for a shocker. The reason is that using a pregnancy pillow will benefit both you and your baby. After your delivery, you can use the same pillows to support your newborn baby. They can help you during baby feeding times. Additionally, the pillows are idea for creating a barrier that keeps your baby from rolling over the bed.

Poor Blood Circulation

If you thought that ignoring a good pillow during pregnancy would only lead to body pains, you missed the whole point. The reason is that by excluding this critical accessory from your sleeping routine will affect your blood circulation. So, is it bad to sleep without a pillow during pregnancy? The answer is a big resounding “Yes” because doctors recommend pregnant women to sleep on their sides when their babies start growing. With a good pregnancy pillow, you enjoy improved blood circulation, which is necessary for your overall health and existence because blood is the life of your body. It is no wonder when you lose blood, you die, and this means that you will lose better functionality in all the body parts that suffer from poor blood circulation.

Increased Risk of Heartburn and Low Water Retention Levels

Who likes suffering heartburn and low water retention levels when they are carrying that much-awaited bundle of life and joy? Of course, nobody likes that. However, it is still possible to suffer all these during your pregnancy if you ignore a good pregnancy pillow. The reason is that when you use a good pregnancy pillow, you enjoy high water retention levels and decreased chances of developing heartburn. It is that simple.

Increased Risk of Snoring

Snoring man

Finishing on a pregnant note, failing to use a good pregnancy pillow increases your risk of snoring. The explanation behind this condition is simple. When you sleep without a pillow, you end up falling on your back and consequently, sleeping in the wrong position. This behavior means that you will disturb your spouse’s sleep.

Closing Remarks

Sleep is a critical form of rest in your life. It is so important that you can die from lack of sleep faster than you can by missing food and water. This startling fact is the worst form of answer you can ever give to the question “Is it bad to sleep without a pillow?” Besides potential death, sleeping without a pillow has many other negative effects that can affect your health and that of your child for those who are expectant. For instance, a pillowless sleep will expose you to the risk of snoring where you become a nuisance to your spouse or even neighbors if you live on a flat.

Additionally, sleeping without a pillow exposes you to tired mornings where you wake up more tired than you went to bed. Lastly, you lose proper and balanced body alignment when you spend your nights without a good pillow. Therefore, the ball is now in your court to do the right thing since you know what you are bound to suffer by excluding pillows from your sleeping routines. You are now the jury to make the right decision that will help you to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a good pillow.

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Here are Steps and Tips on How to Wash Pillow Pets

Taking time to clean your pillow pet removes stains and other forms of dirt, making it enjoyable to utilize it. Most of these pillows can be cleaned in the washer while other types will require you to wash them gently using wet pieces of cloth. Irrespective of how you wash them—using your hands or machine—it is advisable to air-dry them to avoid damage to their fur by the dryer.

In this post, we shall learn how to wash pillow pets. Therefore, I urge you to remain put as we take this systematic journey through the cleaning process.

Washing the Pillow Pet in the Washing Machine

Here are steps how to wash a pillow pet using a machine.

  • Putting your pillow pet in the washer

To wash your pillow pet properly, you have to place it in a pillowcase and then tie its ends. You need to do this to protect its stuffed fibers from being beaten by the washer. This way, you will spare it unnecessary wear and tear, and hence, prolong its life.

  • Use the correct detergent

During the washing process, you ought to use detergents that are low in suds. The reason is that harsh detergents can stress the pillow and prolong the time it needs to dry and leave it sticky thereafter.

  • Placing the pillow pet in the washer

Insert the pillow in the washer and start turning it gently or else you may end up beating the pillow against the machine and risk damaging it. Therefore, you have to select a gentle setting on the washer to protect the pillow while the washing goes on.

  • Setting the water temperature

When setting the water temperature, make sure that it is cold since if you choose a hot setting, you may end up damaging its color and texture. You can select this setting manually if the type of washer you are using does not have automatic settings.

  • Hand Cleaning Pillow Pets

Not all pillow pets can be washed in the washer. When dealing with such pets, here is how to go about it. The decision to use hands or machine depends on the kind of pet at hand or your personal preference. For example, sweet-scented pets will maintain their sweet scent if you hand wash them. Additionally, hand washing your pet is necessary when you need to clean only specific areas of the pillow.


  • Mixing water and detergent 

You will be required to mix water and a mild laundry detergent in a basin. If you use a harsh detergent, you may end up damaging it due to the presence of suds. Additionally, it is necessary to check the mixing instructions to establish the right amount you need to mix with the water so that you do not oversaturate it. When cleaning a sweet-scented pet, use a scentless detergent. If the pet is stinking, add 90 grams of baking soda to your water mixture.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to use a damp rag to wash the surface of the pet. You will need to dip the cloth in the washing solution you had mixed and wring it to remove excess water. Using the wet rag, you will continue rubbing the pillow’s fur in a circular manner until you remove all the dirt from it.

If the pillow per has excessive water, you will need to press it out since if you leave it that way, it will require more time to dry and expose it to mildews.

  • Drying Your Pillow Pet

To preserve the life of your pillow pet, you need to dry it naturally. The reason why you should avoid the dryer is that you will expose it to excess heat and end up damaging its fur. In some cases, the heat of the dryer can even melt it. This instruction applies to both machine and handwashing processes.

To facilitate proper drying, you will need to locate a conducive place where you can lay and dry your pillow. You can either dry it indoors or outdoors. Should you opt to dry it indoors, then you ought to get a place that is close to a window so that it can get enough sunlight. If you opt to dry it outside, then do so on a windless day so that the wind does not blow it off.

  • Hanging pillow pets

For the pillow to dry well, it will be needful to hang it to allow for an even drying process. If you need it to dry indoors, you will have to erect a laundry rack and hang it using ordinary clothes hangers. When you opt to dry it outside, it is necessary to do so on a clothesline. To achieve maximum drying, you will have to give the pet enough time to dry. However, the speed at which the pet dries will depend on factors such as its size, the level of exposure, and temperature.

pet with pillow

  • Cleaning Electronic Pillow Pets

I decide to put these pets in their own category since you cannot wash them in the washing machine or submerge them in water. If you want to clean an electronic pillow pet, you will have to follow this procedure.

  1. You will start the process, it will be mandatory to vacuum the pillow pet to remove all soil particles that the pet may have
  2. Next, you will have to fill a bucket with an ordinary laundry detergent water or an upholstery cleaner
  3. You will need to stir up the washing mixture you prefer to use until you get enough suds at the top of the solution
  4. You will need to use a folded towel with a limited quantity of foam so that you do not submerge it. Instead, you will need to wipe off the pillow using a dry towel so that the detergent and stain does not sink further into the pillow
  5. Next, moistening another piece of cloth using clean water and repeating the process is necessary. This will help in the removal of the soap you initially used to clean the pillow
  6. Afterwards, you have to dry the pet with a clean and dry towel
  7. After this, you should put the pillow pet in a place from where it can dry well
  8. After drying the pet, running a soft brush over it for the sake of fluffing it up again is necessary

Dry Washing Pillow Pets

In this section of our guide, we shall show you how to dry clean any type of pillow pet irrespective of whether it is electronic or otherwise. This is how to go about it.

  1. Place the pillow in a plastic garbage bag, and then add 1-3 cups of cornstarch. If the pet is larger, then you will need extra powder
  2. Shaking the bag for the sake of covering the pillow with the powder is necessary
  3. Let it stay the whole night to permit the cornstarch or its  equivalent enough time to sink into the dirt
  4. Lastly, it is necessary to remove the cornstarch or baking soda and then first brush and beat out all of it before you vacuum it at the end of the process. If you do not do this, too much of these chemicals can jam the vacuum cleaner.

Tips on How to Do it Better

Here are tips on how to clean your pillow pet.

  1. Besides regular cleaning, repeated vacuuming of pillow pets keeps it clean for long
  2. Pretreat all spots with stain sticks or your normal pre-treating methods
  3. Check your toy for any split seam and damage that could escalate when cleaning it in the washer
  4. Clean in your washer with cold water on the gentle mode. You will need to do this with other clothes as a way of balancing the load

Closing Remarks

Washing your pillow pet is one of the most important maintenance routines that will help you to enjoy it and prolong its lifespan. However, your willingness to master how to wash a pillow pet is critical in determining the amount of success you will have in the cleaning process. That is why I compiled this cleaning guide to give you all the information you need to conduct this process. I hope your continued application of the insights shared in this guide will help you to improve your future cleaning processes.

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Dog Pillows and Beds for your Furry Friends

Make your dog feel as comfortable as they deserve to be with these wonderful Dog Beds and Pillows. Many quality options are available to give your dog the most comfortable place in the house.

We all know the positive way that our pets affect our lives. They bring us many years of joy and loyalty. Its hard to imagine your life without your furriest family member. Give back to your favorite dog or cat by giving them a comfortable and quality made bed or pillow to sleep on. My Pillow Place has selected a nice array of quality dog pillows and beds made by people who love animals.

 Cushy Bumper Dog Beds

Cushy Bumper Dog Beds

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster Dog Beds

Nature Nap Dog Mats

Nature Nap Dog Mats

 Eco Nap Dog Mats

Eco Nap Dog Mats

Indulge your Dogs with Comfort and Style!

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Kids Room Furniture – Cheap Childrens Furniture

Are you looking for soft floor pillows to enhance your child’s playroom or bedroom? There are many colorful and cushy choices for you to choose from. Floor Pillows can become fun decor or just cushy seating for your children. Its fun furniture to fit their playtime. There are many shapes and sizes of floor pillows to compliment a broad color selection.

Cocoon Jr

Cocoon Jr

Floor Lounger Jr

Floor Lounger Jr

Lounger Jr

Lounger Jr

 3 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

3 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

Jaxx Sac Jr

Jaxx Sac Jr

Club Chair Jr

Club Chair Jr

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Full Body Pillows – U Shaped Body Pillow – Body Length Pillows

U Shaped Body Pillows are longer pillows that you can wrap your body around. Whether you are looking for a pillow that cradles you while you sleep, or a large pillow to lounge on while relaxing, we have what you need.

Comfort U Body Pillow

Comfort U Body Pillow

Comfort U Petite Body Pillow

Comfort U Petite Body Pillow

Wrap yourself around an oversized Body Pillow. Wrap your arms around one end & get wonderful head and neck support in Front and Back!

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TV Pillow – Bed Wedge – Reading in Bed Pillow

Looking for a comfortable pillow to lounge on while reading in bed or watching TV? There’s nothing worse that having to collect a bunch of pillows to stack behind you in order to prop yourself up. And lets face it, it’s never very comfortable. Here are some bedrest pillows that can accomodate your bedlounging needs.



Bedlounge Petite

Bedlounge Petite

Read in Bed Pillow

Read in Bed Pillow

Reading Bed Pillows and Bedlounges…all of them provide the support and comfort for those who like to lounge in bed and relax. Read in Bed with Style in your own Oasis!

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Outdoor and Backyard Patio Furniture

If you’re looking to buy Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs or Loungers, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to deck out your backyard. Colorful Outdoor furniture will make your pool deck or patio the place to hang out. You’ll find many configurations and fabric selections to ensure you can complement your existing furniture.

Ponce Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Ponce Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Twist Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Twist Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Leon Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman

Leon Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman

If you want an outdoor lounger and ottoman combination, look no further than the Ponce and Leon Lounger and Ottoman. Durable fabrics, great modern colors and a comfortable configuration make these items the first seat anyone wants to sit on. The Twist Bean Bag Lounger forgoes the Outdoor Bean Bag Footstool for a twisted shape that is perfect for kicking back. Mix and Match these great outdoor furniture pieces and make backyard barbecues and pool parties even better.

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Bean Bag Chairs, Pillows, Sofas, and more!

If you’re looking to buy Giant Bean Bag Chairs for Adults or Soft Foam Bean Bag Chairs for kids, or any combination sizes, shapes and more, you have a great selection below. You’ll find many configurations and fabric selections to ensure you can complement your existing furniture.

3 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

3 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

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4 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

5 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

5 ft Jaxx Sac Foam Bean Bag

6 ft Jaxx Sofa Sac

6 ft Jaxx Sofa Sac

7 ft Jaxx Sofa Sac

7 ft Jaxx Sofa Sac

Landing Pad Foam Lounger

Landing Pad Foam Lounger

Oversized Floor Lounger - Crash Pad

Oversized Floor Lounger – Crash Pad

Sofa Sac Jr

Sofa Sac Jr

Floor Lounger Jr

Floor Lounger Jr

Nimbus Bean Bag Medium

Nimbus Bean Bag Medium

Landing Pad Jr

Landing Pad Jr

Nimbus Spandex Lounger - Large

Nimbus Spandex Lounger – Large

Outdoor Bean Bag

Ponce Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Ponce Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Twist Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Twist Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Leon Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman

Leon Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman

Foam Filled Furniture is becoming the most popular and the most comfortable way to accessorize your living space. Bean Bag Pillows and Large Foam Filled Floor Pillows are just some of the items that are perfect for dorms, lofts, apartments and recreation rooms. We have items so large, you can consider it a bean bag couch. Just make sure you have the room.

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Top 10 Best Floor Pillows for your Family Room

If an unexpected party breaks out in your home, floor pillows are terrific for quick, casual seating. Floor Pillows come in many fabrics to compliment your home decor. Try Large Floor Pillows for your Schools and Libraries too. Or just use them to lounge around the house.

Oversized Floor Lounger - Crash Pad

Oversized Floor Lounger – Crash Pad

Landing Pad Foam Lounger

Landing Pad Foam Lounger

Floor Lounger Jr

Floor Lounger Jr

Landing Pad Jr

Landing Pad Jr

Large Square Floor Cushion Seating

Large Square Floor Cushion Seating

Sofa Sac Jr

Sofa Sac Jr

Floor Pillows cushion your carpet and make sitting on the floor soft and comfortable. With tons of shapes, sizes and colors, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for. If an unexpected party breaks out in your home, floor pillows are terrific for quick, casual seating. Floor Pillows come in many fabrics to compliment your home decor. Try Large Floor Pillows for your Schools and Libraries too. Or just have some seating pillows to lounge around the house.

Choose from a multitude of fabrics to create elegant or casual floor pillows to match your tastes. Large floor pillows are also great in children’s playrooms. Giant Floor Pillows for Kids are great soft seating for Schools and Libraries as well as the Home.

Do you need big pillows to sit on the floor? Need oversized pillows for your kids room or playroom? Above we have everything from a reasonably sized giant floor cushion, to extra large modular floor pillows. You will have no problem figuring out where to sit with the selection we have. So scroll up and peruse the various lounge pillows.

Our most loved products are in the Large Floor Pillow Category. And as people learn more and more how convenient and comfortable having some extra soft furniture and Seating Pillows around the house is, they get excited too. But it doesn’t stop there. Some of our smaller, modular cushions are great in schools and libraries. As a little kid, we sat in a circle around the teacher during storytime. I would have loved to have a small soft seat to sit on back then.